The Willow Bank Families Group was created to give all parents and carers of children at our school a helpful space to meet to build relationships, share information and to offer advice support and guidance.

The Aims of Willow Bank Families 

  • To create an environment where all parents and carers know that their views matter, and where they feel confident and comfortable putting them forward.
  • To work in partnership to create a welcoming and inclusive school.
  • To give parents and carers an opportunity to support one another with their shared experiences of raising a child with complex needs.
  • To engage in a variety of activities that will strengthen the bonds between parents, carers and school staff, boost self-confidence, and enhance positive mental health.
  • To provide an opportunity for parents and carers to access any SEND related training needs or to meet with external support agencies. 


Half Term 3 - Coffee Morning Thursday 19th January 11.30am to 12.30pm
Aim - Information giving and getting to know other parents, carers and key staff 

  • Mrs Hall (HLTA Pupil and Parent Support)
  • Mrs Savage (Attendance Officer)
  • Mrs Duffy (Senior Mental Health Lead and Pastoral Coordinator)
  • Mrs Baldwin (Learning Mentor Additional Needs)
  • Mrs Bainbridge (SENCo)

Parent/Carer Feedback:

“I was surprised at the level of support offered”
“How nice it is to meet other parents and to chat”
“I would like to thank the school for the support that has been offered to my son and us as a family since he started here 3 years ago.”

Half Term 4 – Pamper Session date to be arranged


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