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Willow Bank School is a place where all teachers and staff help us to manage our emotions and be more resilient.

We all have different needs such as ODD, ADHD and ASD. This means that we need extra support to achieve in class.

Sometimes when things get on top of us we can become angry and confused.

What we would like you to know is that it is not because we are bad that we attend Willow Bank School but that we just need extra support.

Before we started our first day at Willow Bank School we were worried. This is because some members of our family and some of our friends said that is was a 'naughty behaviour School'. What we think now is that Willow Bank School is the best place for us and it suits our needs perfectly. The staff help and support us every day and we wouldn't want to be at any other School.

Written and shared by 2 pupils on the Safeguarding Council 

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