Our School - Our Voice

Willow Bank School is a place where all teachers and staff help us to manage our emotions and be more resilient.

We all have different needs such as ODD, ADHD and ASD. This means that we need extra support to achieve in class.

Sometimes when things get on top of us we can become angry and confused.

What we would like you to know is that it is not because we are bad that we attend Willow Bank School but that we just need extra support.

Before we started our first day at Willow Bank School we were worried. This is because some members of our family and some of our friends said that is was a 'naughty behaviour School'. What we think now is that Willow Bank School is the best place for us and it suits our needs perfectly. The staff help and support us every day and we wouldn't want to be at any other School.

Written and shared by 2 pupils on the Safeguarding Council 

My Child's School - My Voice

Written feedback from Parents / Carers about their child's school experience

Parent/Carer 1: I am thankful for the great young man this school is turning my son into.

Parent/Carer 2: This school has been the best thing for for my son since his SEN was apparent.

Parent/Carer 3: I cannot praise this school or teachers enough. I would highly recommend this setting to other parents with children who require extra support. My son has progressed and developed so much during his short time at Willow Bank and the opportunities, experiences and rewards have been amazing.

Parent/Carer 4: I asked my son for his views in order to inform some of the answers, and I accept that in terms of his progress this is dependent on his contribution and levels of motivation or what may be going on with him or around him that impacts his ability to engage, not due to the offers and support provided by staff, and this is why some answers sit under “agree” but I would like to share that the support offered by staff is very much appreciated, it is evident to me as a parent that my child is cared about by all staff and they want the best for him and his future prospects, they provide a very respectful, understanding and nurturing approach and I’m very grateful for this. Mrs Hall and Ms Duffy also need special mention for their support and involvement, particularly in times of need, and I’m also very grateful to them.

Parent/Carer 5: My child has only been at Willow Bank for a short time however I am beyond happy with his progress. He is actually completing work which he didn’t in his previous school and he’s happy.

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