Art Wall Murals

Image of Art Wall Murals

Willow Bank have invested in two corridor wall murals to our KS3 corridor and within the PE department. The art department and other staff spent time to develop ideas, design the overall layout and to ensure they have a positive message for our whole school community. A huge thank you to HD…

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Bowland Farm - Mobile Farm Visit

Image of Bowland Farm - Mobile Farm Visit

Willow Bank pupils recently had the opportunity to learn about, understand and engage with animals from Bowland Farm's mobile farm. The farmer brought a selection of lambs, pigmy goats, chickens, ducks and two alpacas!

In the Genetics and Evolution topic studied at KS3, pupils learn about…

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KS2 Nuture & Reading

Image of KS2 Nuture & Reading

Carving out regular reading with a good book can be one of the best ways to rebalance your well being. Nurturing a love for reading creates a calm environment and allows pupils to develop their skills for concentration and focus.


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Puzzle Challenge and Teamwork

Image of Puzzle Challenge and Teamwork

KS2 pupils took on a challenge to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle as part of their focus on developing teamwork and communication skills. The picture says it all.

Completing jigsaw puzzles can improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. The act of putting the pieces of a puzzle together…

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Year 6 and KS3 Footballers Competition

Image of Year 6 and KS3 Footballers Competition

A fantastic trip out with the football team. All pupils did an amazing job in very tough conditions. The played 4 games in total winning 3 and drawing 1. 

  • Game 1 score 3-0 ⚽️
  • Game 2 score 2-2 ⚽️
  • Game 3 score 3-0 ⚽️ 
  • Game 4 score 2-0 ⚽️

Great attitude and sportsmanship demonstrated…

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Science Creche - Chick Hatching

Image of Science Creche - Chick Hatching

Practical lifecycle experience at Willow Bank where the Science lab turned into a creche facility. Here expectant pupils and staff took turns in monitoring and recording the lifecycle process of the hatching chicks.

  • egg wobble and cheeping just before hatching commences
  • chicks pecked their…
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Y9 Pupil Exploring Tim Burton

Image of Y9 Pupil Exploring Tim Burton

After exploring the work of Tim Burton, a year 9 pupil was inspired to research characters from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ to create

  • a digital mood board. 
  • draw three pieces of Tim Burton’s artwork and apply colour using pencil crayons. 
  • create a 3D sculpture using air drying clay…
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KS2 Chinese New Year Dragon

Image of KS2 Chinese New Year Dragon

A KS2 pupil creation in Design Technology where they spent 3 weeks designing and creating a magnificent Dragon.

Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is a festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. This year it is the year of the Wood…

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Making a Modroc Face Mask

Image of Making a Modroc Face Mask

A year 7 pupil chose to create a Modroc Mask using the following techniques to gain an AQA Unit Award.

  • create a plastic mask mould and cover it with cling film and secure with tape. 
  • cover the mould by cutting strips of Modroc, dipping into water and smoothing over the mould to apply…
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