Science Creche - Chick Hatching

Image of Science Creche - Chick Hatching

Practical lifecycle experience at Willow Bank where the Science lab turned into a creche facility. Here expectant pupils and staff took turns in monitoring and recording the lifecycle process of the hatching chicks.

  • egg wobble and cheeping just before hatching commences
  • chicks pecked their…
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Science Distillation

Image of Science Distillation

Year 10 have had another busy lesson separating liquids using simple distillation. They set up their equipment independently, and separated a mixture of ink and water


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Science Filtration and Evaporation

Image of Science Filtration and Evaporation

This week Year 10 have been using the separation methods that they have been learning about to separate various mixtures based on their properties. Here they are separating salt from a rock salt mixture that is used to melt ice and snow using filtration and evaporation.

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Science Agar Plates

Image of Science Agar Plates

Year 10 have prepared agar plates today with swabs taken from various contact areas around school as part of their Health, Disease and Development of Medicines topic. I wonder what will grow over the weekend?

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Year 9 Kinesthetic Learning - Cells

Image of Year 9 Kinesthetic Learning - Cells

Year 9 pupils were hands on, building animal cell models using plasticine in Science, developing their knowledge of cell structure and their functions.

  • Cytoplasm    
  • Nucleus    
  • Cell membrane  
  • Mitochondria
  • Ribosomes

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KS2 Living Things and Their Habitats

Image of KS2 Living Things and Their Habitats

Key Stage 2 pupils have been studying living things and their habitats in Science. This week we have been looking at human life cycles. Pupils described how humans are set apart from other species, as mammals, and the different stages they go through from birth to adulthood.

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KS3 Hands on Interactive Science Experiment

Image of KS3 Hands on Interactive Science Experiment

KS3 Science - Electric Current Theory in Practice

KS3 have been learning about electricity in Science. Pupils took their learning outside during breaktime and encouraged others to join in an experiment to see how many people they could manage, to send an electric current through to complete a…

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