KS2 Nuture & Reading

Image of KS2 Nuture & Reading

Carving out regular reading with a good book can be one of the best ways to rebalance your well being. Nurturing a love for reading creates a calm environment and allows pupils to develop their skills for concentration and focus.


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Puzzle Challenge and Teamwork

Image of Puzzle Challenge and Teamwork

KS2 pupils took on a challenge to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle as part of their focus on developing teamwork and communication skills. The picture says it all.

Completing jigsaw puzzles can improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. The act of putting the pieces of a puzzle together…

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KS2 PSD - Exploring the Wider World of Money and Work

Image of KS2 PSD - Exploring the Wider World of Money and Work

KS2 and the wider world in PSD - money and work. Pupil teams had to complete a loop by working out the money answer then find the card at the other end of the playground. Pupils worked out team roles - work out answer, pass on information then run to collect the answer.

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KS2 Food Technology - Edible Garden

Image of KS2 Food Technology - Edible Garden

As part of their edible garden topic in Food Technology, KS2EE pupils added mint, lemon and cucumber to ice cold water to produce their own drink creation. This lovely refreshing drink was offered to staff and pupils around school to taste and give feedback.

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KS2 Cakes

Image of KS2 Cakes

Key stage 2 pupils made Fairy Cakes focusing on taking turns, sharing ideas and working together as a team. Pupils also developed their organisation skills by following the recipe instructions and fine motor skills using the equipment.


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KS2 PSD Truth and Honesty

Image of KS2 PSD Truth and Honesty

KS2 pupils during PSD played 'Steal or Split' and then discussed honesty and trust and why they think it is important quality to have. Pupils then watched real life examples and said whether they thought the person was being honest or dishonest and what the impact is.

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KS2 Creative Calendars

Image of KS2 Creative Calendars

Creative Calendars by KS2 pupils. Combining Art and Maths skills pupils designed "Icicle Calendars" a kinesthetic activity to recap their learning about days, weeks, months, and years. In addition to developing their fine motor skills.

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KS2 Observational Drawing

Image of KS2 Observational Drawing

KS2 pupils have been practicing their observational drawing skills by drawing a Christmas elf. Pupils all worked independently on their designs whilst getting into the Christmas spirit listening to festive music.

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KS2 Christmas Card Designs

Image of KS2 Christmas Card Designs

KS2 pupil Christmas card designs were created during mindfulness this week. All pupils developed their fine motor skills and design awareness to arrange the different sections ready to take home to give to family.

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KS2 Drama Workshop

Image of KS2 Drama Workshop

Drama pictures do the talking

Thank you to Gemma at Altru Drama who visited our key stage 2 pupils to lead a drama workshop. 



The focus of the workshop was well-being exploring self-confidence, resilience, teamwork and facing adversity

The pictures speak…

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KS2EE Seasonal Art

Image of KS2EE Seasonal Art

KS2EE really enjoyed putting up the Christmas Tree during Golden Time to spread some Christmas cheer. All pupils worked well developing their teamwork, communication and fine motor skills to design and create a wonderful classroom tree.

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