Year 9 Chinese Food Taste Experience

Image of Year 9 Chinese Food Taste Experience

Year 9 are studying China in Geography and have been looking at culture and Chinese food. Pupils made their own side dish - fried rice or egg friend noodles and then sampled a range of different dishes during their "taste experience.


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KS3 Geography Relief Maps

Image of KS3 Geography Relief Maps

KS3 pupils made their own relief maps in Geography. Pupils investigated what relief is (shape, height and steepness) and how it is shown on map. Pupils also developed their key terms and understanding of topography and contour lines.


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Y9 Geography - Brazil and Pão de Queijo and Caipirinha

Image of Y9 Geography - Brazil and Pão de Queijo and Caipirinha

Year 9 Geography pupils discovering traditional Brazilian food and drink. Pupils developed their cultural food experiences by making and tasting "Pão de Queijo" (cheese bread) a staple food snack made from tapioca flour and "caipirinha" a frozen drink.

Pão de Queijo Brazilian…
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KS3 Exploring Our Planet

Image of KS3 Exploring Our Planet

KS3 Pupils Plasticine Earth Models

KS3 pupils explored the structure of the planet in Geography. Pupils engaged in a kinesthetic activity to create a plasticine model of the Earth's main layers: the crust, the mantle, and the inner and outer core, to develop their understanding of key…

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