Art Wall Murals

Image of Art Wall Murals

Willow Bank have invested in two corridor wall murals to our KS3 corridor and within the PE department. The art department and other staff spent time to develop ideas, design the overall layout and to ensure they have a positive message for our whole school community. A huge thank you to HD…

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Y9 Pupil Exploring Tim Burton

Image of Y9 Pupil Exploring Tim Burton

After exploring the work of Tim Burton, a year 9 pupil was inspired to research characters from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ to create

  • a digital mood board. 
  • draw three pieces of Tim Burton’s artwork and apply colour using pencil crayons. 
  • create a 3D sculpture using air drying clay…
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Making a Modroc Face Mask

Image of Making a Modroc Face Mask

A year 7 pupil chose to create a Modroc Mask using the following techniques to gain an AQA Unit Award.

  • create a plastic mask mould and cover it with cling film and secure with tape. 
  • cover the mould by cutting strips of Modroc, dipping into water and smoothing over the mould to apply…
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Halloween "Artscape"

Image of Halloween "Artscape"

Year 9 pupil designed and painted a Halloween art scape using mood boards and experimenting with colour and tone to reflect the meaning of Halloween.. The design was framed and displayed in the pupil entrance to celebrate Halloween.

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Art Deco and Ancient Egypt

Image of Art Deco and Ancient Egypt

Pupils from KS2, 3 and 4 have been learning about Art Deco. A style of art from the 1920s using lots of geometric shapes and symmetry. They were inspired by all the new technology of the time but also Ancient Egypt including the architecture, interior design, jewelry, clothing, clocks and mirrors…

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Exploring Art and Culture Using Beads

Image of Exploring Art and Culture Using Beads

A diamond painted keyring created by a Year 9 pupil during their AP Project exploring the use of beads which represent some of the earliest forms of jewelry. With different colors, shapes, and sizes, beads have a range of symbolic meanings in our cultures.

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Youth Open Awards Art Competition Winner

Image of Youth Open Awards Art Competition Winner

Celebrating creativity in schools with the Youth Open Art Awards Competition at St Helens Borough Council.

We are proud to announce that a year 11 Willow Bank pupil, won first prize in his age category.

"This annual competition is an amazing opportunity for young people in St Helens Borough…

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Mixed Media Design

Image of Mixed Media Design

Year 10 pupil explored his own interest in the subject of "space and aliens" to create this mixed-media design during his AP Project session.

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Year 7 Art Symbols - Aztecs

Image of Year 7 Art Symbols - Aztecs

Year 7 have been exploring the Aztecs, in particular the pictographs used. Here, they have designed their own symbols in the style of the Aztecs for varying themes, such as eyes, arrows and mountains.

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