Y8 Art Using Charcoal to Create Tonal Value Designs

Image of Y8 Art Using Charcoal to Create Tonal Value Designs

Year 8 pupils have been exploring the properties of charcoal and learning about the history of charcoal in art. Here, they've explored ruler effects using blending techniques, they've used both vine and loose charcoal to form tonal value abstract designs.

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Year 7 Exploring Viewpoints in Art

Image of Year 7 Exploring Viewpoints in Art

Year 7 have started to learn about the different viewpoints used in art. They have looked at aerial (birds' eye), level and worm's eye view. Here they have drawn their own interpretation of aerial, level and worms eye view drawings.


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KS3 Ceramic Emoji

Image of KS3 Ceramic Emoji

Key stage 3 pupils have been developing their ceramic and design skills during children's mental health week to produce their final emoji characters.


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Year 9 Art - Tessellations

Image of Year 9 Art - Tessellations

Year 9 have been learning about tessellation art and the links to mathematics and optical illusions. Pupils explored MC Escher's tessellations and created their own tessellated fish designs. They explored organic and geometric line and pattern to add detail to their fish backgrounds. 

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KS2 Cubism Art Movement

Image of KS2 Cubism Art Movement

KS2 have been learning about the art movement Cubism. Pupils explored fracturing techniques by using masking tape to form a Cubist style background design. Pupils used sponge painting skills to paint between the tape and then peeled it off to reveal an abstract Cubist design.

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Year 10 Avant Garde Art - Fauvism

Image of Year 10 Avant Garde Art - Fauvism

Year 10 explored the art movement Fauvism an Avant Garde style of art which followed Post Impressionism. Characteristics of Fauvism include

  • simplified shapes
  • bright bold colours often with dark edges.

Pupils used these principles to create animal print designs

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KS4 Art Ceramics Sessions

Image of KS4 Art Ceramics Sessions

Year 10 during their 1:1 ceramic sessions and have been exploring textural effects using different tools and techniques. They have mounted and presented their work onto painted canvasses and experimented with dry brushing techniques, linking to their work on expressionism and neo…

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Year 10 Dean Russo

Image of Year 10 Dean Russo

Year 10 Neo Expressionism Art development saw pupils exploring the work of Dean Russo an artist and actor. He explored many popular themes including animals. Here, pupils have experimented with printing techniques and used watercolour inks to add contrast and colour.

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Christmas Card Icicle Art Competition

Image of Christmas Card Icicle Art Competition

KS2 have been designing icicles for the Christmas card competition this year. They explored paint blending and added lines and patterns. Entries are in the staff room, for staff to vote and the winners will be announced during achievement assembly. 

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Year 8 Exploring Optical Illusions

Image of Year 8 Exploring Optical Illusions

Year 8 Reflection "Movement in Squares"

Year 8 pupils have been exploring optical illusions looking at the work of Bridget Riley. They created embossed string art covered with foil to form a textured surface to add colour. Pupils looked at the painting 'Movement in Squares' to inspire their…

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Year 9 Ceramics

Image of Year 9 Ceramics

Pupils have been working 1:1 with our specialist ceramics teacher, learning how to cut, handle, and manipulate the clay using different tools and techniques. A Year 9 pupil created a Liver bird to reflect his love for football adding acrylic paint for a splash of colour.

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