Children's Mental Health Week 2023

Image of Children's Mental Health Week 2023

Children's Mental Health Week at Willow Bank saw pupils complete a survey designed by our Mental Health Lead and Pastoral Coordinator to select the well being activities they would like to take part in this week. More to follow .........

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KS3 Mindfulness Crab Football

Image of KS3 Mindfulness Crab Football

KS3 the Team of Life Programme.

A resilience programme for children aged 7-13 using sporting metaphors. A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes an object or action in a way that isn't literally true but helps explain an idea or make a comparison. 

Week two warm up session was crab…

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KS2 Relaxation & Meditation

Image of KS2 Relaxation & Meditation

Underwater Experience Using Laxman Goggles

KS2 Mindfulness session focused on the sense of vision, during an "underwater experience" using the Laxman goggles as part of a relaxation and meditation activity. 

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KS3 Positive Friendships & Friendship Bracelets

Image of KS3 Positive Friendships & Friendship Bracelets

Exploring the Senses of Sight and Touch

KS3 Mindfulness focused on the senses of sight and touch - a mindfulness grounding technique to observe their thoughts, feelings, using these two sensations. Pupils made friendship bracelets and discussed the benefits of positive relationship and…

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