KS2EE Seasonal Art

Image of KS2EE Seasonal Art

KS2EE really enjoyed putting up the Christmas Tree during Golden Time to spread some Christmas cheer. All pupils worked well developing their teamwork, communication and fine motor skills to design and create a wonderful classroom tree.

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KS2 Festive Creative Art and Food Technology

Image of KS2 Festive Creative Art and Food Technology

KS2 Festive Biscuits

KS2 Food Technology combined with cross curricular Art create a festive design. Christmas gingerbread men and shortbread biscuits were iced - each pupil design unique. Pupils developed their concentration and fine motor skills to produce some wonderful festive biscuits.

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KS2EE Reading for Pleasure

Image of KS2EE Reading for Pleasure

Pupil Reading for Pleasure Book Choice

KS2EE early morning reading for pleasure. Pupils are currently reading the following books.

  • The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
  • Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss
  • Dog Magic by Holly Webb
  • Space Band by Tom Fletcher


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KS4 Maths Kitchen Combining Maths with ICT

Image of KS4 Maths Kitchen Combining Maths with ICT

Using ICT as a Maths Revision Tool 

KS4 are currently trialing the use of Maths Kitchen an online personalised study support program for GCSE Maths.

Pupils are currently using the website for focused revision to help with their year 11 mock exams in January 2023.


Usernames and…

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KS4 Hearty Winter Food - Option 1

Image of KS4 Hearty Winter Food - Option 1

KS4 hearty winter food options 1 - Pupils created Potato and Leek soup as part of their warm Healthy Food initiative with a focus on how to budget during a cost of living crisis.

Soup 1 Soup 2 Soup 3


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Year 8 Exploring Optical Illusions

Image of Year 8 Exploring Optical Illusions

Year 8 Reflection "Movement in Squares"

Year 8 pupils have been exploring optical illusions looking at the work of Bridget Riley. They created embossed string art covered with foil to form a textured surface to add colour. Pupils looked at the painting 'Movement in Squares' to inspire their…

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Year 9 Ceramics

Image of Year 9 Ceramics

Pupils have been working 1:1 with our specialist ceramics teacher, learning how to cut, handle, and manipulate the clay using different tools and techniques. A Year 9 pupil created a Liver bird to reflect his love for football adding acrylic paint for a splash of colour.

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Year 10 Discovering Neo Expressionism

Image of Year 10 Discovering Neo Expressionism

Neo Expressionism Pupils' Neo Sign

Year 10 pupils developed their knowledge of Neo Expressionism. Exploring the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat they created a Neo sign in the style of his work forming the letters using pipe cleaners and masking tape, using acrylic paint to add bright, bold…

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KS2 Creative Drawing

Image of KS2 Creative Drawing

Expressing Literary Ideas

KS2 pupil exploring creative drawing using the interactive board touch screen and smart pens to create a pictorial story character and scene. Using ICT to generate a storyboard to express literary ideas before putting pen to paper.

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KS2 Relaxation & Meditation

Image of KS2 Relaxation & Meditation

Underwater Experience Using Laxman Goggles

KS2 Mindfulness session focused on the sense of vision, during an "underwater experience" using the Laxman goggles as part of a relaxation and meditation activity. 

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Year 8 Māori Art & Culture

Image of Year 8 Māori Art & Culture

Year 8 Discover Moko

Year 8 have been learning about Maori art and culture. They learnt about the ancient practise of Moko or tattooing, which is regarded as highly sacred and spiritual. The designs are linked to the natural world with organic swirls and shapes to reflect the importance of…

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