KS3 RE Judaism and Torah Scrolls

Image of KS3 RE Judaism and Torah Scrolls

Year 8 have been looking at Judaism this half term - how it began, the key teachings and celebrations. Last week they looked at the Holy Books of Judaism and today they made their own Torah Scrolls

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KS3 Medieval England & the Crusades

Image of KS3 Medieval England & the Crusades

Y7 have been looking at life in Medieval England and the Crusades - what life was like for a Knight and what they would have worn when fighting in the Holy Land. Pupils then researched and designed their own Knight's shield.


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KS2 Cubism Art Movement

Image of KS2 Cubism Art Movement

KS2 have been learning about the art movement Cubism. Pupils explored fracturing techniques by using masking tape to form a Cubist style background design. Pupils used sponge painting skills to paint between the tape and then peeled it off to reveal an abstract Cubist design.

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