Year 10 Avant Garde Art - Fauvism

Image of Year 10 Avant Garde Art - Fauvism

Year 10 explored the art movement Fauvism an Avant Garde style of art which followed Post Impressionism. Characteristics of Fauvism include

  • simplified shapes
  • bright bold colours often with dark edges.

Pupils used these principles to create animal print designs

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Children's Mental Health Week 2023

Image of Children's Mental Health Week 2023

Children's Mental Health Week at Willow Bank saw pupils complete a survey designed by our Mental Health Lead and Pastoral Coordinator to select the well being activities they would like to take part in this week. More to follow .........

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KS4 Art Ceramics Sessions

Image of KS4 Art Ceramics Sessions

Year 10 during their 1:1 ceramic sessions and have been exploring textural effects using different tools and techniques. They have mounted and presented their work onto painted canvasses and experimented with dry brushing techniques, linking to their work on expressionism and neo…

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Planning and Creating a Three Course Meal

Image of Planning and Creating a Three Course Meal

Year 9 pupils completed a teamwork task of planning and creating a three course meal in Food Technology.

  • Starter - Garlic bread with cheese
  • Main Course - Roast dinner
  • Dessert - Chocolate brownies

Pupils undertook different roles within the team and worked together on deciding what…

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KS2 Cakes

Image of KS2 Cakes

Key stage 2 pupils made Fairy Cakes focusing on taking turns, sharing ideas and working together as a team. Pupils also developed their organisation skills by following the recipe instructions and fine motor skills using the equipment.


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Y7 Tenpin Bowling Developing Their Technique

Image of Y7 Tenpin Bowling Developing Their Technique

Year 7 pupils visited Tenpin Bowling in Warrington as part of their Outdoor Education. Pupils focused on

  • understanding the basic rules
  • how to hold the bowling ball
  • preparing your wrists
  • throwing the ball to gain the maximum effect of knocking down all 10 pins
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KS2 PSD Truth and Honesty

Image of KS2 PSD Truth and Honesty

KS2 pupils during PSD played 'Steal or Split' and then discussed honesty and trust and why they think it is important quality to have. Pupils then watched real life examples and said whether they thought the person was being honest or dishonest and what the impact is.

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KS3 Mindfulness Crab Football

Image of KS3 Mindfulness Crab Football

KS3 the Team of Life Programme.

A resilience programme for children aged 7-13 using sporting metaphors. A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes an object or action in a way that isn't literally true but helps explain an idea or make a comparison. 

Week two warm up session was crab…

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KS3 Geography Relief Maps

Image of KS3 Geography Relief Maps

KS3 pupils made their own relief maps in Geography. Pupils investigated what relief is (shape, height and steepness) and how it is shown on map. Pupils also developed their key terms and understanding of topography and contour lines.


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